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Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce

HCP is a recognition program of the Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce (HCCC)

Purpose: Celebrating those who love to work or live in Hillsdale County.

The HCCC wants to share your story on our Website and at our events!

Each month we are going to recognize a Hillsdale Champion and share their story to inspire others who love our county


I am so proud to work and live in Hillsdale County because I meet dedicated people every day doing the best job they can for their patients, students, clients, customers, and community. For example, Lisa Pelc, the HISD’s teacher for the Visually Impaired gives all her heart helping her students with challenging educational needs while building their sense of self. Our service groups work diligently to assist those less fortunate, or to create unique places in the county. Riding my bicycle on the trail along Baw Beese Lake is a relaxing and fun way to exercise while seeing families out enjoying the outdoors.

I live in Litchfield and love to watch the Amish’s horses trotting by, while a block away local companies are trucking out thousands of products they have designed, produced and sold to boost our local economy. The folks in town help create a sense of place that makes rural living so special.

I am especially proud to be involved in helping our businesses and communities continue to celebrate their successes. Rural communities are the back bone of America, learning decades and generations ago that their success was dependent on their own hard work and fellowship.   

 Randy Yagiela

Interim Director

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