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HCP is a recognition program of the Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce (HCCC)

Purpose: Celebrating those who love to work or live in Hillsdale County.

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Each month we are going to recognize a Hillsdale Champion and share their story to inspire others who love our county



Why I am proud to be a business owner, volunteer, friend, tax payer, Mother, Daughter, and neighbor in Hillsdale County………..by Jane Stewart


The definition for the word proud takes on many forms; the one that pertains to me and the Proud Award is a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one’s own achievements or qualities. 


I purchased Smith’s Flowers five years ago; it came with a flower cooler a few vases, a small customer base, a designer and a whole lot of history.  The designer, Maranda is still with Smith’s and the history continues to grow.  We have added another designer, Amy, and another delivery person, Stephanie.  I have a great team to make all your floral needs happen.  We are a very successful flower shop with great customer service.  Having an electrical engineering company for fourteen years prior to being the sole proprietor of Smith’s Flowers, my life took on several twists and turns.  I have loved and will continue to love all the challenges thrown at us/me.


In growing up on a small farm in the country, my parents taught my brothers and I that any job or task put before us was done at our best effort; whether that meant working harder and longer or forfeiting other fun activities.  I apply this to my business.  I am also a people pleaser; which carries throughout my family, business and community.  I get great satisfaction from making others happy, through flowers, actions, community service, etc.


I am proud to be a business owner in Hillsdale County also known as Mayberry RFD in my world!!  Thank you for presenting us the “proud award”…we are proud to receive it!!!


-Jane Stewart


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